Dr. Danda Paudel

My research focuses on 3D Computer Vision, emphasising scene representation and understanding through spatial intelligence derived from 3D/4D visual data using vision-language models. Additionally, I am also interested in applying computer vision to Robotics and Augmented Reality. Some research topics I am currently working are:

  • Real-time mapping and understanding of complex dynamic scenes
  • Robust spatial reasoning from multi-model and corrupted data
  • Transfer learning from 2D data and textual sources to 4D understanding
  • Vision-language models for task planning and Human-AI interaction
  • Geometrically consistent and physically plausible Visual Generative models

Google Scholar: link

Academic carrier:


  • The Best Paper Award by IEEE Computer Society (CVPRW 2020)
  • A Most Interesting Publication by DeepAI (CVPR 2019)
  • Best of ICCV 2015 invitation by International Journal of Computer Vision (2016)
  • Accepted with Travel Support for ICCV Doctoral Consortium, ICCV 2015, Chile
  • Doctoral Research Scholarship by French National Research Agency (2012-15) 
  • Best Erasmus Master’s Thesis by PAL Robotics on Vibot Day, 2012, Spain 
  • Master Research Scholarship by Conseil régional de Bourgogne, France (2011-12)
  • Won three engineering competitions during undergraduate study in India
  • Nepal Aid Scholarship by the Government of India (2005)