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For Faculty Candidates

INSAIT is interested in outstanding candidates who love to explore and believe in making an impact on the world through scientific exploration and curiosity.


To apply for an INSAIT faculty position, please follow the link below.

Deadline: 2024 Hiring Cycle is closed for new applications.

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Tenure-track model

INSAIT is structured according to modern, successful academic practices already deployed by leading research institutions worldwide. Towards that, INSAIT employs the standard tenure-track model where junior faculty join the tenure track for up to five years, with the opportunity to establish a world-class research program and form a research group. The tenure-track process and corresponding evaluations follow similar steps as all other leading institutions worldwide. Upon completion of the tenure track, a final scientific evaluation determines if a faculty member is to receive tenure, and if so, a permanent tenured position is granted. It is expected that all junior candidates hired on the tenure track are of the caliber to receive tenure in the future. In addition to the tenure track, INSAIT also offers tenured positions for established world-class researchers. Full regulations can be found here

Outstanding working conditions

INSAIT provides outstanding working conditions with salaries and packages matching those in leading international institutions. The main objective behind offering these conditions is enabling INSAIT faculty members to place their focus squarely on curiosity-driven exploration, on producing world-class research, and on advising and developing outstanding student talent.


An INSAIT faculty member is expected to develop an exciting, strong, internationally recognized research program with publications spanning top venues in the area. Collaborative, exploratory, and interdisciplinary research is strongly encouraged with academic and industrial partners.


An INSAIT faculty member is expected to teach one full graduate course a year (M.Sc., Ph.D. level) on their research topic. Opportunities for undergraduate teaching are also provided but are not compulsory.

Student Supervision

An INSAIT faculty member is expected to supervise several doctoral (Ph.D.) students and master (M.Sc) theses. Joint supervision with other faculty members (both local and international) is also encouraged.

Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion

INSAIT is a strong proponent of diversity in science, and as such, we strongly welcome applications from all under-represented groups in the field.