Dr. Nico Zaech

Nico Zaech


My primary research interest is building foundation models for robotics and establishing the emerging field of quantum computer vision. I am especially interested in using large-scale simulation data to train joint vision and planning models for robotics and believe that this approach allows to efficiently scale robotic applications beyond the capabilities learned from human demonstrations.

Before joining INSAIT, I was engaged in research at the Computer Vision Lab at ETH Zurich, focusing on the fusion of quantum computing with computer vision techniques and the development of algorithms for the vision systems of autonomous robots within the TRACE project (Toyota Research on Automated Cars in Europe). During this time I also have been the scientific supervisor of the ETH RoboCup project, organized a CVPR workshop on Quantum Computer Vision and Machine Learning, and managed the institute’s investment in large-scale compute resources. Overall, I have experience in a wide range of image-processing applications, ranging from autonomous medical imaging to work on the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope.