INSAIT announced BgGPT – the first open AI model for Bulgarian language

Sofia, 15.01.2024 – BgGPT to launch free use on March 3 for the entire Bulgarian society. Institutions, both scientific and educational, and others can now register to get early access!

Today INSAIT officially launched BgGPT, the first open large language model for Bulgarian, created for the Bulgarian state, users, public and private organizations. The event was attended by the Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, the Minister of Education and Science Prof. Galin Tsokov and the rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Prof. Georgi Valchev. GPT technology is revolutionizing the way society interacts with information and language. Unlike other similar platforms (ChatGPT, Bard, Bing and others), BgGPT is not a corporate property and can be used freely by public and private organizations. The model behind BgGPT will also be released freely with a permissive license (Apache 2.0), enabling commercialization. Further, organizations can use it locally on-site, without having to share sensitive data. The development of BgGPT is part of INSAIT’s strategy to create open and publicly available AI for the benefit of society and business.

BgGPT is specially trained for the specifics of the Bulgarian language and will allow the creation of applications for the benefit of Bulgarian education, business, healthcare, public administration and others. In its first version, BgGPT was trained on over 3 billion Bulgarian sentences and consists of 7 billion parameters. In the coming weeks, a technical event will be organized where the model will be publicly shared and where it will be explained to the Bulgarian IT ecosystem how to fine-tune it in order to create new applications. Full public access to BgGPT will start on March 3 and will be available at

Until then, anyone interested will be able to register on the above site in order to obtain early access. However, priority will be given to scientific, educational, public and business organizations. With the announcement of BgGPT, INSAIT initiates a series of open language models for AI in Bulgarian, which will be developed by INSAIT.