Google expands its partnership with INSAIT

The new multi-million investment in INSAIT from Google includes cloud computing resources for training generative models and 1M USD worth of PhD fellowships

From left to right: Boris Georgiev (Director CEE, Google Cloud), Prof. Galin Tsokov (Minister of Education & Science of Bulgaria), Slav Petrov (VP Research, Google DeepMind) and Prof. Martin Vechev (Full Professor at ETH Zurich, Founder and Architect of INSAIT)

This week Google expanded their support for INSAIT, the Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology in Sofia, Bulgaria. This new investment of over $2 million reaffirms Google’s commitment to INSAIT’s mission of creating a world-class AI and computer science research institution.

The funding will provide INSAIT with over $1 million in cloud computing resources, including access to Google Cloud’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). These powerful processors are specifically designed for machine learning workloads, and accessing them will empower INSAIT researchers to build foundational models and conduct groundbreaking research in AI.

The remaining $1 million will be dedicated to funding PhD fellowships under the Google-INSAIT cooperation. This initiative aims to attract and support the brightest minds in the region, fostering a new generation of AI experts.

The investment builds on Google’s initial support for INSAIT, which began with a $3 million donation in 2022 for compute resources and scholarships for talented students. Google researchers also help mentor INSAIT’s doctoral students.

Supporting INSAIT’s mission

Google believes Central and Eastern Europe has immense untapped potential in the field of AI. While the region is home to a wealth of talent, it remains underrepresented in AI research. By investing in institutions like INSAIT, they want to help change that.

INSAIT, launched in 2022, has become a leading research centre in the region. INSAIT’s mission is to build a world-class research environment that attracts, develops and retains top talent, ultimately fostering a thriving high-tech economy in Bulgaria. According to Professor Martin Vechev, Founder and Scientific Director of INSAIT, this latest support reinforces that INSAIT is on the right track to accomplishing its goal.

Together, we are building a brighter future for AI — one that’s more inclusive, innovative and impactful for everyone.