INSAIT with 7 Accepted papers at NeurIPS 2023, first time in history for Bulgaria

Sofia, 25.09.2023 — INSAIT, the first of its kind computer science and AI research institute in Eastern Europe, is proud to announce the acceptance of 7 papers at NeurIPS 2023, a top AI conference. This is a historic milestone as it is the first time in the nearly 40-year history of NeurIPS that a Bulgarian institution has published at this forum.

According to h5-index, NeurIPS is ranked among the top 10 scientific conferences in the world. The forum attracts leading researchers from around the globe, both from academia and big tech companies. It was at NeurIPS 2017 that the model behind ChatGPT was first introduced. This year, the event will be held in New Orleans, USA, for the first time with the contribution of a Bulgarian research institution. 

The papers cover a number of topics, including 3D diffusion models, pose estimation, machine learning, game theory and other topics. Papers can be found on the INSAIT publication website at Here is the complete list of accepted papers and participating INSAIT faculty:

  • Strategic Data Sharing between Competitors (Nikita Tsoy and Dr. Nikola Konstantinov).
  • Incentivizing Honesty among Competitors in Collaborative Learning and Optimization (Dr. Nikola Konstantinov).
  • Autodecoding latent 3D diffusion models (Prof. Luc Van Gool)
  • Real-time motion prediction via heterogeneous polyline transformer with relative pose encoding (Prof. Luc Van Gool).
  • LART: neural correspondence learning with latent regularization transformer for 3D motion transfer (Prof. Luc Van Gool).
  • Revisiting evaluation metrics for semantic segmentation: optimization and evaluation of fine-grained Intersection-over-Union  (Prof. Luc Van Gool).
  • WordScape: a Pipeline to Extract Multilingual, Visually Rich Documents with Layout Annotations from Web Crawl Data (Anton Alexandrov).